Raspberry Ombre Cake

Raspberry Ombre and Coffee Chocolate Overload Cake

In the last few weeks I had a few cake orders which are keeping me busy. The raspberry ombre cake was more for me than for anyone else. I wanted to try an ombre cake so badly. The opportunity presented itself and I took it! The cake was my basic white cake with a vanilla swiss buttercream. Then it was filled with raspberry jam between 4 thin layers, this added a perfect amount of tartness to the cake which made it much more palatable and easier to eat. I will be doing another one in the coming weeks, this time with a tutorial to show you just how easy this style is to do, and makes any simple cake less simple with a minimal amount of effort and time.

The birthday cake for one of my best friends, a pastry student was the chocolate coffee macaron tower cake. Me and her boyfriend plotted this cake weeks in advance. It was a surprise she had no idea to expect it and when she finally got it on her birthday, she knew looking at who made it. It was a fantastic surprise.

I tried a new technique I found for smoothing buttercream I found on you tube, which worked so beautifully I jumped up in down a little when it was done. The cake base was from the Raspberry Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate almond mousse with a layer of cocoa nibs. Then covered in a Kahula Swiss Buttercream, with more cocoa nibs pressed around the outer edge for some nice contrast.

Choc overload base

The macarons were two types. A basic shell with no color topped with cocoa nibs to tie it all together. The filling was the left over chocolate mousse that was used to fill the inside of the cake. Then we used cocoa macaron shells, filled with the left over Kahula Swiss Buttercream. They provided a nice contrast in colors to the over all cake.

Chocolate cake macaron tower

The one thing I wanted to change? Smaller shells around 1.5″ to surround the cone better. Which I picked up from the local craft store and wrapped in cling film. The macarons were tacked on to the cone with toothpicks. The result was my first attempt at a quite a number of techniques which I think resulted in a great birthday cake for a very dear friend.

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